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Windrower (2 Roller) 

A purpose built windrower allowing no damage to the crop when working, this machine has low drops throughout. The 2 roller machine has a single haulm roller against a spiral roller (not web) and then a further single cleaning roller with a spiral roller. 

The control box in the tractor cab allows the speed and direction of both rollers to be adjusted, depending on field and crop conditions. A low drop from the rear web onto the cross conveyor which has crop protection fingers and a picture of a machine windrowing 4 rows into 1 for a 6 row harvest. 

Windrower (Full Evolution) 

The ScanStone Windrower (Full Evolution) comes complete with an on-board hydraulics system to power the cleaning unit. This gives full control of the cleaning table from the control box inside the tractor cab: 

  • Variable speed & direction of “clod” rollers 
  • Height & pitch adjustment of “clod” rollers 
  • 0-7 degrees of angle on the whole cleaning table 
  • 1, 2 or 4 rows of cleaning 
  • Variable speed of spiral rollers 

1 or 2 rails of plastic fingers are available to help guide haulm through the cleaning table, windrowing for an 8 row lift. Diablo rollers or depth wheels are both available to assist with depth sensing 

Windrower (Extension Elevator) 

The ScanStone Windrower with extension elevator gives you the opportunity to open 8 rows with 1 machine out in front of the harvester, which gives the harvester and trailers plenty of room to manoeuvre without worry of damaging any rows unnecessarily. 


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