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Joker CT

Advantages of Joker CT

Now with a 52cm disc diameter and 3-point linkage for intensely mixing cultivation and with a power demand starting at 75 kW/100 HP, working quality and speed are greatly increased. There is a high output with low power requirement allowing excellent soil penetration due to serrated curved discs and high machine weight.

Distinguishing Features of Joker CT

The Joker CT provides excellent fine soil production in the germination horizon, efficient consolidation and is extremely low maintenance. The machine has a high working speed of up to 20 km/h and Mono TG is available as an additional option.

Joker RT Classic

Advantages of Joker RT Classic

The Joker RT Classic, which provides exact and quick stubble cultivation, has clogging resistance and is very low maintenance. Its power demand starts at 110 kW/150 HP and has a high working speed of up to 20 km/h.

Distinguishing Features of Joker RT Classic

This machine has clogging-resistance due to few fixed parts in the working area which increases working quality and speed. 

 Joker RT

Advantages of Joker RT

The Joker RT is very sturdy and is suitable for all types of soil. This machine is resistant to stones even at high speeds and linked packer rings for excellent self-cleaning. The middle chassis assists with excellent driving behaviour on the road and smooth running on the field. Additionally, the depth control wheels help with maintenance of the working depth and adaption to the terrain.

Distinguishing Features of Joker RT

This machine has no problems with the long harvest residues and shallow cultivation. Discs are mounted in rubber elements which help to increase the operational life and improving contour-following properties.

 Joker HD

Advantages of Joker HD

The Joker HD is exceptionally useful for shallow ad intensely mixing cultivation. This machine can cut and mix large quantities of organic material whilst requiring low power.

Distinguishing Features of Joker HD

  • Has a working depth of up to 15cm and working width of 6-7,50m
  • Power demand starts at 130kW/180HP
  • Has a high working speed of up to 20kph

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