New Valtra Tractors

Valtra Tractors

50-103 hp
99-171 hp
170-225 hp
270-400 hp

Valtra ANTS

Valtra tractors combine a wide range of features with innovative technology to provide unrivalled user comfort.

A Series – offers straightforward models for basic tasks

A Series tractors are strong, lightweight and agile tractors. Their compact size and good manoeuvrability makes them ideal for crop and cattle farms, fruit farms and orchards as well as in forest and municipal applications.

N Series –  offers power and agility for more demanding tasks

The Valtra N Series drives like a small tractor, but works like a big one. It features the most powerful engine in its class, yet the handling is agile enough for more delicate work. And with longer service intervals and lower fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

T Series  – offers powerful six-cylinder engines for big tasks

The T Series is recognised around the world as a heavy-duty machine that nevertheless offers the highest levels of comfort for long hours of efficient work. The T Series now offers reliable power at low fuel consumption thanks to modern SCR technology, which cleans exhaust emissions while optimising engine functions.

S Series – offers the most power for the heaviest tasks

The Valtra S Series is a big tractor, built to handle your toughest jobs. You can rely on it for big results. The fourth-generation S Series tractor has been tested in demanding conditions to optimise its technical features, ergonomics, and productivity. Together with ACGO services, the S Series tractor will support the profitability of your business now and in the future.