Kioti Tractors


CS Series

The CS Series is Kioti’s first entry into the subcompact tractor market. The tractor can be fitted with an optional mid mounted deck which turns this tractor into a highly productive mower.

  • Powerful 26 hp Diesel engine
  • Twin range HST with easy to use twin pedal design
  • Independent Rear and Mid PTO
  • Optional SM2410 Mid mounted deck
  • Optional Front weight kit

Premium Diesel Engine


The Kioti Tractors CS Series is powered by a proven 26 hp clean burn diesel engine that delivers high performance with low fuel consumption.



55W lamps are the brightest in this tractor’s class.

Twin HST Pedals


The twin HST pedals provide easy direction cahnges with smooth engagement. The pedals require very little pressure to operate which helps to reduce operator fatique during long periods of use.

Ergonomic Operator Station


The ergonomically designed work station places operator controls within easy reach for maximum operator comfort.



The Kioti Tractors CS Series is fitted as standard with a mid PTO which alllows you to use mid mounted implements such as a rotary mower deck.

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CK Series

The popular CK Series tractors are suitable for both private and commercial users alike. All models feature heavy duty transmissions and high capacity hydraulics.

  • The series is made up of two models: CK2810 – 28 hp | CK35 – 34 hp
  • Mechanical and HST transmission options available
  • 540 rpm rear PTO (540/1000 rpm on CK35)
  • Optional Mid PTO
  • Deluxe cabin available

Simple Maintenance


The Kioti Tractors CK series are designed with easy access in mind. The one peice bonnet lifts to provide access to the service and maintaince items.

Power Steering


Responsive, powerful and comfortable steering greatly reduces operator fatique. The power steering system is robustly designed for maneuvering in soft soil and for front loader operations.

Foldable ROPS


Both the CK2810 and the CK35 are fitted as standard with a roll bar which can be folded to allow access to areas with height restrictions.

Rear PTO


The Kioti Tractors CK2810 if fitted with a 540 rpm rear PTO. The CK35 has both 540 and 1000 rpm PTO speed ranges. Both tractors can be fitted with an optional mid PTO kit which allows the tractor to be fitted with a mid mounted mowing deck.

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DS Series

The DS series is for the cost conscious customer looking for a simple “no frills” tractor that offers high productivity and heavy duty build quality.

  • 8 x 8 constant mesh transmission
  • Rear differential lock
  • Turn PTO on/off with the flip of a switch
  • Convenient one-side maintenance
  • Category I three-point linkage
  • Easy to read instrumentation Excellent front and rear visibility

Environmentally Friendly Engine


The low emission Daedong engine complies with EPA Interim Tier 4 standards and delivers proven performance and durability.

Shuttle Lever


The Kioti Tractors DS series shuttle lever provides easy back and forth operation as well as faster reverse speeds. The shuttle lever makes loader operation easier for the operator.

Independent PTO


With the fully Independent PTO, the electro hydraulic PTO clutch allows you to turn the PTO ON & OFF with just a simple flip of a switch. A safety start switch prevents starting the tractor whilst the PTO is engaged.

Four Wheel Drive with Differential Lock


The 4WD guarantees powerful traction, performance and durability. A rear wheel differential lock pedal can be applied to increase traction.

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NX Series

The all new NX Series offers class leading performance, durability and operator comfort.

  • Models from 45 to 60 hp
  • Two transmission options: 24×24 speed mechanical   or    3 range advanced HST
  • Auto PTO
  • High rear linkage lift capacity
  • ROPS or Cabin models avaialble
  • Multiple tyre options

Powerful Diesel Engines


Models above 55 hp (NX5510 & NX6010) feature Kiotis CRDI common rail engines which deliver reduced exhaust emissions & low fuel consumption. Models below this (NX4510 & NX5010) use kioti’s indirect injection engines that deliver high power and performance.

Stylish comfortable cabin


The new wide and comfortable cabin with deluxe interior features good alround visability and for operator comfort all models feature air conditioning as standard.

Advanced HST Transmission


The Kioti Tractors NX series is availble with a easy to use 3 range advanced HST transmission with “linked pedal” which syncronises engine rpm with the HST pedal. This system greatly simplify’s tractor operation and reduces fuel consumption.

Independent PTO


For ease of use the NX tractors are fitted with independent Auto PTO which when engaged allows the PTO to work in conjuction with the three point linkage. So when the link arms are lowered the PTO starts, when raised the PTO shuts off.

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RX Series

The RX Series tractors are design to deliver ultimate operator comfort with strong performance and durability.

  • Model from 60 to 73 hp
  • 24×24 speed manual transmission
  • Avialble with either a mechanical shuttle or a “clutchless” power shuttle
  • Auto PTO with 540 & 750 rpm speeds
  • High rear lift capacity
  • 4 wheel braking
  • Deluxe air conditioned cabin

Environmentally Friendly Engine


All tractors in the RX range are powered by Kioti’s ECO CRDI commom rail diesel engines, which deliver reduced exhaust emissions as well as low fuel economy.

Service Access


The new streamlined hood design improves the visibility of the operator. The 60 degrees hood-opening angle enables convenient access for better maintenance.

Hydraulic 4WD


The four wheel drive system can be turned On or Off with the push of a button.

External Hydraulic Cylinder


The Kioti Tractors RX series has two external hydraulic lift cylinders (left and right) giving it one of the highest lift capacitys in its class.

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DK Series

The all new design DK series with upgraded performance includes models with 45, 50 and 55 hp engines that meet current Tier 3 and Tier 4 emission regulations and are offered with rear mounted ROPS on the standard width model or mid-mounted ROPS on the narrow-width models.

  • 44 – 55hp diesel engine
  • Standard or Narrow width models
  • 34km/h max. forward speed
  • Standard Shuttle or Hydraulic
  • Auto PTO
  • 45 litre fuel tank
  • Mid mounted ROPS on narrow width models
  • 1360kg lift capacity

Environmentally Friendly Engine


The optimized combustion turbo diesel engine is environmentally friendly and meets or exceeds EPA, CARB, and EEC regulations. It supplies a large output, offers low fuel consumption, excellent balance system, greater durability, and creates less noise.

16×16 Synchronized Transmission


A 16 x 16 speed manual gear box featuring a synchronized shuttle, the maximum forward speed has been increased to 34km/h to make this range the quickest in its class.

Deluxe Cabin


Equipped with a sunroof, air conditioner, heater, AM/FM/ CD radio with MP3 connection and accessories, the KIOTI deluxe cabin offers luxury and a pleasant work environment. A flat deck offers additional convenience.

Narrow or Standard Width with ROPS


Rear mounted ROPS on the standard width model or mid-mounted ROPS on the narrow-width models.

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